Below please find links to download reports published by various organizations that work with women and girls.

Accompaniment work with Women Montemariana Sembrandopaz accompanies five communities in the Montes de María area that have been affected by the armed conflict and that are working creatively to overcome the challenges that derive from the violence they have lived. One aspect of the accompaniment is coming alongside the women of the communities and motivating their participation in the processes. Each community is unique in their story and their process, but they are all a part of the same region and share the desire to move forward together and the hope of a future that is better for all.

What’s Sex Got to Do with It? An inconvenient truth is hiding behind the current excitement about educating girls is an article written by Kavita N. Ramdas about girls’ education and the challenges it faces globally.

Ford Foundation 2011 Annual Report says that 10 million girls are married each year. You can see in which countries this practice is most prevalent on the map here.

Behind the screen is a report published by Plan International in 2008. It looks at gender inequality in Asia.

Paying the Price: The economic cost of failing to educate girls was published by Plan International in 2008.It shows that failure to offer girls the same educational opportunities as boys costs developing countries almost $100 billion each year in lost economic growth.

Too Young To Wed: Education & Action Toward Ending Child Marriage is a publication by International Center for Research on Women. It was published in 2007 and it talks about various consequences of child marriage: domestic violence, limited access to education, health results and poverty.

New Lessons: The Power of Educating Adolescent Girls was published in 2009 by The Population Council, Inc. For 15 years, the development community has known about the radically high return of investing in girls’ education, yet little light has been shown on the intersection of education and adolescent girls. This report fills that gap.

Start with a Girl: A New Agenda for Global Health was published by The Center for Global Development. This report shows that a girl who reaches adolescence typically begins it in good health. But a variety of health issues during her adolescent years will determine her future — and the wellbeing of her family for generations to come.

Girls Speak: A New Voice in Global Development was published by The International Center for Research on Women. This report compiles the first-ever view of poverty from a girl’s perspective. Hearing directly from them, in their own words, provides unique insight and understanding of their issues.

Girls Grow: A Vital Force in Rural Economies was published by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. This report uncovers the potential of adolescent girls living in rural economies and the role they can play in transforming their economic and social realities.